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These are the rules for uploading images onto this site. Please follow them. There are also guidelines here as well to make sure you make the best use out of the tag system. Keep in mind you have to be a member to upload maps, comment, upvote maps, etc.

1. Make sure the map is not copyrighted. This is very important!
2. Tag your maps. No one can find it right away if there are no tags. Countries/Empires/Nations of major importance should at the bare minimum be tagged. Features of the map. See the guidelines below for more specifics on tags.
3. Alternate history maps are allowed but they should be tagged as such!
4. No "future" maps of any kind please. No, those don't count as alternate history.
5. No flag maps. That's not a blank map. Sorry.
6. Colors on the map are allowed, but only if they're uniform. This means one color or set of closely related colors per entity. A random grid of colors is not ok.
7. For extremely obvious reasons, MAPS ONLY.
8. When you upload the map, select the option "safe".
9. Have it be a .png file only. Otherwise it won't be easily edited in programs like MS Paint, Paint.net, etc..
10. Since the maps are blank maps, labels on the countries or watermarks are not allowed. If you wish you can have text for a color key outside the map or an artist signature at a bottom corner.
11. Is your blank map from a fictional universe? If it's from a TV show, book, or movie, then post it. If it's made up by you when you were bored, don't post it. Be sure to tag the franchise it's from and the fictional nations.


At bare minimum tag the nations of major importance on the map. It's fine if you forget poor old Liechtenstein, but if you post a map of modern Europe and don't tag Russia, Germany, or France then we have a problem here. Here are some other things you should try to include while tagging:

1. Remember that anything with multiple words as a single tag needs an underscore. Remember that dashes are fine and don't need to be replaced. So Austria-Hungary is fine as it is.
Example: Holy_Roman_Empire

2. Try to tag the continents and sub-continents included on your map, but only if they make a large portion of the map.
Examples: Middle_East Europe Eurasia Melanesia

3. Same with oceans, gulfs, lakes, and seas. Rivers, straits, and capes are not needed.
Examples: Atlantic_Ocean Mediterranean_Sea South_China_Sea English_Channel

4. If it's an alternate history map, tag it with alternate_history.

5. If the map has color, simply tag the word color.

6. If your map is a world map, try to include the projection if you can.
Example: mercator_projection

7. If the map has no borders, use the tag no_borders. If the map has borders, you do not need to tag borders.

8. If you know the specific year of the map in question, please add it.
Example: 1914

9. If it's a map in the middle of a war, by all means include the war.
Examples: World_War_II American_Civil_War

10. Subdivisions like provinces and states are cool. But if they do have them, add a subdivision tag. And if you wish to tag the names of the individual states and provinces by all means do so, but ONLY if it's a map of the subdivision by itself.

11. For fictional universe maps, add the tag fictional_universe.

Thank you for following these rules and guidelines.

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