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2 years ago
EmperorTigerstar granted Drex and I the role of moderator.
As such, I will tell you how I will work from now on.

*Any post that violate the rules you can find on the forum will result in a removal of the post. That includes:
-Non-blank maps. Please make sure to follow my tutorials by searching "tutorial in the search bar".
-Post that are not maps
*Any stolen or re-posted maps will result in a removal of the post.
*Any maps that are not credited will receive a warning. If the map is not credited after a few days will be removed.

*Any comments and forum post that is insulting someone else, offensive against a country, an ethnicity, a gender, a religion or a sexual orientation will be removed.
*Any spam will be removed

Any user impersonating another user will be instantaneously banned.

Any user breaching these rules will be warned.
After 2 warns, I will switch the user from "Regular member" to "Looser" for a certain period of time (a few days to a few week). That means they'll will ne unable to post anything but comments.
After 4 warns, I will permanently IP ban the user from the website.

Please use English in the comments and on the forum.

Thanks for your attention mappers ! Please now behave maturely and post your best maps !
2 years ago
You can help me in my task by doing this:

-Reporting post breaching the rules.
-Reporting comments breaching the rules.
-Tagging correctly the post that are not.
-Warn others if they misbehave.
-Help others.
-Be kind, polite and respect the rules !
2 years ago
I Have Questions.
1.Can you use another person's map as the base for your map? 2.Is the "Report as spam" option only for spam? And 3.can you put Images in your map?
2 years ago
I have answers
Hello !

1- You can sure use other people's map as a base for yours but you have to credit the original mapper or the poster. Often, the creator of the map is not the poster.
2- You should use the Report As Spam button for any post or comment breaching the rules. You can find the map rules on the forum and I proposed comments rules in this forum post.
3- You can sure put images but they have to be outside of the map, in a key/legend. Look at my maps for exemple I often illustrate them with a flag outside of the map so it is easily removable to reuse the map then. You can also look for "tutorial" in the search bar to find an illustrated post about that.

I hope that helped you !

Mod. Astrolys

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