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The Mongols conquered the message of Genghis Khan
For all creators who want to create a map of the Mongol Empire map :)

Genghis Khan or Genghis Khan [Note 3] (born Temjujin, around 1162. - 12. August 1227). There is Mongol Empire and the founder of the race, which after his death became the largest neighboring historical empire. It is a power that combines many nomadic tribes in northeastern Asia. Having founded the empire it was declared "Qingischan", conquered most of the Mongolian invasion launched in Eurasia. Supported by the movement of life, including the campaign against Kalaqitą, the Caucasus and 霍瓦霍米安, Western Xia and Jin Dynasty. These movements are often accompanied by the massacre of civilians en masse, especially in areas controlled by Khurazmian and Shisha. At the end of his life, the Mongol Empire has occupied most of Central Asia and China. Ögete Khan was assigned to him before the death of Qinghai Han. Subsequently, his grandson divided his empire into Khanate. [5] After the defeat of Xixia, Genghis Khan died in 1227. He was buried in unspecified graves somewhere in Mongolia. [6] Its descendants, the conquest and establishment of a subsidiary body of law in modern China, South Korea, the Caucasus, Central Asia and most of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia, the Mongol Empire extended most part of Eurasia. Many of these incursions repeated the massive massacres of the local population. Therefore, Chingischan and his empire have a terrible reputation in local history. [7] In addition to its military achievements, Qingis Hanan pushed the Mongol Empire in other ways. The Uighur language was ordered as a system for the writing of the Mongol Empire. It also commits merit, promotes religious tolerance to the Mongol Empire, connects tribes of the nomads of northeastern Asia. The current Mongols consider him the founder of Mongolia. [8] Although it is considered a brutal campaign [9], which many consider to be the ruler of the genocide, but also believes that the Khan silks have developed a coherent political environment. It will be the trade of South-West Asia and Northeast Asia with Islam and Christians in Europe, thus expanding the horizons of the three cultural areas. Pronunciation / dʒɛŋɡskɑːnn / or usually / ɡɛŋɡskskːnn /. [10] [11] Mongolian language: Čingischahanas, Čingishanas, the expression of Mongolian language: [tʃʰʃʰiŋɡssxaŋŋ] (listen to the sound of it).

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what the absolute fuck????
Is this a troll or are you using google translate?
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mongols win:)
they do:)

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