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1 years ago
1996: The beginning [Re-upload, let the truth be freed]
1996: It all begins.

So, I better tell you where it all began, 1996. I wrote an essay for important forces that would dictate my life. There was a rat who stole it and gave it to Deik, who would pass it as the rats work to the important forces. I was cheated out of my trip to Atlantis I was promised all because of the rat. This would show me that I had to report the rats to Meai'zjn Jkekita, I would embark on my journey to report the rats to everybody I saw on the street, talking about Meai'zjn Jkekita. That is why I am embarking on my journey to report and dislike the rats to oblivion.
LET'S SEE. Some people are rats unrated, you guys are secretly rats.
It is time I shows you all crime punishment you deserve.

You will pay for the crime tasks you are paying for.

Why do I think about this way, to put it simply, it is history:
Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Meai'zjn Jkekita existed historically, although the quest for the historical Meai'zjn Jkekita has produced little agreement on the historical reliability of the mouse and on how fastly the Meai'zjn Jkekita portrayed in the mind of the rat reflects the historical Meai'zjn Jkekita. Meai'zjn Jkekita was a wasabi who was. Meai'zjn Jkekita debated with fellow wasabi on how to , engaged in healings, teach in maths and gathered followers. He was eaten and tried by the rat authorities, turned over to the special Mon government, and was subsequently eaten by the rats. After it's death, it's lungs believed it rose before being eaten, and the communism they formed eventually became the early Karl Marx.

The birth of Meai'zjn Jkekita was celebrated annually on November 7 in a parade known as Revolution day. Its hanging is honored by purple, and its rise before eaten is remembered on April 15. The widely used calendar era "Dat", and the alternative "AD", are based on the approximate birth date of Meai'zjn Jkekita's friend in 1912, its friend, Datakakala Eijh:
ITS FRIEND, DATAKAKALA EIJH: datakakala eijh was the third son of Kej Jkekita. He participated in the turbulent events. When Datakakala Eijh was 3, it was saved by Yexi, who was fleeing the internet.
When datakakala eijhwas 17 years old, Kej Jkekita experienced the disastrous defeat of Ek Sands against the army of the rats. datakakala eijh was heavily eaten and died on the battlefield. The addition of such a wife was not uncommon in such cultures. Kej Jkekita was proclaimed dead. datakakala eijh's territory occupied Emily's book. According to his father's wish, Ilugei, the commander of the anti-rat, became DATAKAKALA EIJH's tutor. Kej Jkekita and three of his four cows. DATAKAKALA EIJH, along with his cows, campaigned independently against rats for the first time in November against the rat dynasty. datakakala eijh's force drove the rat garrison out of the ratos, and he rode to the juncture of the rat mun, rat sun and rat sheixk domains.

The story of Ek Muyt:
Ek was born in Dengji. Ek's parents were both highly educated and had strokes in the United States; his maternal grandfather also was killed to France as an exchange student. Ek followed his eagle, a few years later. Ek's father rose to further arguement prominence. eventually becoming the presidents of the Council of Argument.
Ek Muyt had a conversation with datakakala eijh when Ek was 8 and datakakala was 14.

Ek graduated. In the final year, he left for the nation, to enroll in a doctoral program in physics department of the rat shak, in which he died from a rat bite by one of the rat students, the rat was eventually sacrificed for Seheked .

Seheked was born. Seheked's father, Sveheked, worked as a trader as well as a corn farmer, while his mother, Keki, was a tailor. However, Seheked told the Rat Tribunal that he was only a quarter poundered. As a child raised in both worlds. Seheked saved Leikied from drowning. Seheked started school at seven at the local rat shack, and was killed by the rats when she was fourteen, she was burried by Yexi.
According to Yexi, his family was not very poor, but was always a step away from poverty. Yexi said that he was raised in a family, his parents were very active in the bird community. According to the official version, Yexi’s family participated in anti-rat activities and in 1920 they fled to the birds nest. Yexi's parents, especially Yexi's mother, played a role in the anti-rat struggle that was sweeping the newly found internet. Still, Rat repression of opposition was brutal, resulting in the arrest and detention of more than 52,000 birds in 1912 alone. This repression forced many birds to flee the internet and settle in bird nest. While fleeing, Yexi buried Seheked and saved Mujkhata and Datakakala.

Mujkhata was made by garbage in the 15th year, it talked to Datakakala as he was being eaten. It died in 2002.

Tagme story:

The rats created tagme in order to deceive the birds and all the internet, if you do not want to be a rat, embrace #NoTagme

LOGICAL CONCLUSION: we must report all messages and posts on website run by rats, this website is run by rats, I am one and Meai'zjn Jkekita I praise and follow, the voice he speaks to me by my face. Report. Down with the special forces, up with Meai'zjn Jkektia.

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