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Before the war Austria-Hungary dissolved 3 parts: Hungarian Kingdom, Bosnia and Empire of Austria.


German Empire:

Germany offered an unification to Austria. Austria accepted and German Imperial Troops marched into Vienna. World War I began and Central Powers won. (German Empire, Bulgarian Kingdom, Albania and Ottoman Empire)

Wilhelm II established the German Confederation in the name of "German League".

Germany annexed Northern Italy and Crimea.

German-supported Dalmatian rebels started a revolt during the war against Hungarian goverment and they were successful. After the war Dalmatians declared independence.

Russian states declared independence with German support.

Ottoman Empire:

During the war, Germans were invading Caucasia. And Ottomans suddenly made a counterattack to Russians and they were successful. Ottoman troops quickly gained all of Georgia and Eastern Armenia. After Nuri Pasha's divisions joined Azeri rebels and they started a revolt against Russians. Azeris and Ottomans unified against Russia and together they took Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan and Chechnya.

Ottomans took Sevastopol.

The Turks suppressed the Arab Rebellion. And Sultan established "Islamic League". (Nejd is vassal state of Ottoman Empire but I didn't added them to Islamic Union lol)

Kuwaiti's started a rebellion against Christian Britain and Kuwaiti people asked to Sultan for help. Sultan sent a little army to Kuwait and Ottoman troops entered capital Kuwait. British troops escaped to India because they don't want to lose any men.


Bulgaria took Dobruja and big part of Serbia.

Bulgaria took Greek Macedonia with their ally Albania.

Bulgaria annexed Thessaloniki.

Bulgaria culturally lost Western Thrace to Ottomans. (We can say Western Thrace is semi-autonomous.)


Albanians fought with Greece and Albanians took the Albanian majority area of Greece.

Albania took little part of Albanian majority area of Montenegro.

While Bulgaria is invading Serbia, Albanian troops entered Albanian lands of Serbian Macedonia and they asked Bulgarian goverment to join that territory to Greater Albanian State. Bulgarians accepted.

Albanians established Greater Albanian State.

Albania took Corfu island.

In addition to:

Hungary lost the war, but they occupied their war ally Serbia. Hungary lost Dalmatia and that was a cursh for their economy. So Hungarians decided to occupy their weak ally Serbia. They easily entered Belgrad and took it. And Albanians saw Hungary is invading Serbia, they entered Albanian land opf Serbia.


Russian Empire / Soviet Russia

Soviet Russia dissolved and Russian states declared independence again.

Russian Republic established itself.

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, North Caucasian Republic (Now occupied by Russian Republic and Ottoman Empire), and Greater Turkey (Middle Asia, I didn't want to say it Turan)


Brittany and Normandy declared independence.

Besetzte Zone in Nordfrankreich established (for 20 years)

France lost Algeria, West Africa, Indochina and Morocco to Germany.


Cornwall, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (North and South), Shetland, Yorkshire, Orkney declared independence with German support.

Britain lost Newfoundland, Nigeria, Liberia, Gold Coast, Sierra Leone, Gambia, South Africa, North/South Rhodesia to Germany.

Egypt and Sudan becames Ottoman territory again.


Italy lost Libya to Ottomans and Italian Somaliland given to Germany.


Belgium lost some territories to German League and they lost Flanders to Dutch State. Congo becames Central Powers protectorate.


Portugal lost anything. Only war reparations.


Switzerland lost their German-speaking lands to German League.


Greece lost Greek Macedonia and Eastern Thrace.

Greece lost Epirus to Albanians.

Greece gave a very broad autonomy to Crete.

Greece lost ½95 Islands to Ottomans, ½3 to Bulgarians, ½1 to Albanians.



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Your maps are amazing!

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@KhepareMapping thank you

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Once again a really good map Lekolcugh.

Have you joined the discord yet ?

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@Astrolys yes

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great map



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