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Posted on 2018-07-03 13:58:54 by Fjana

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Are you bored? Join BA discord!

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brother,can you explain me this project to me?

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This color schemes are for mappers, who want to make colored maps. I am sure you have seen maps according to this scheme before

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I would like to Create Something like this but Simpler so it is more clear where to color the colors

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For 2018

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What is the color for states in personal union?

The Kingdom of Iceland was a kingdom in personal union with the Kingdom of Denmark. Which color do I use?

1. The middle color of Denmark?
2. The middle color of Iceland?
3. The mid-right color of Denmark?

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Choose the mid-right color of denmark or the middle one, depending on relations, if were equal or more like master and a puppet. Also, @Cononono, i created simplier version, but it's too big to be uploaded here, so I used my DeviantArt account.

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What is the difference between colonial protectorate and protectorate?

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Davi as far as I know, a colonial protectorate is a protectorate set up in a colony or as a colony.

-A colonial protectorate is kinda like how Réunion is now, it's actually like an overseas colony, but it functions as a protectorate.

-A regular protectorate is like the Saarland in 1919 - 1937.

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I have four more questions:

1. Was the British Raj a British colony? Because it appears as a signatory country in the Treaty of Versailles.

2. Was the Kingdom of Egypt independent from the United Kingdom?

3. When do I not paint a dominion with Darker Plus? When does he adopt the Statute of Westminster 1931? What if the dominion was created after the Statute of Westminster 1931? I paint with Darker Plus or not?

4. Was Afghanistan a British protectorate from 1879 until 1919?

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