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Posted on 2019-05-27 20:45:57 by Aleksandar_Maps

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I hardly see how this Great Qing Empire computes 3.9 billion people. At the very most it should be 2 billions.

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Yo Astrolys u know 3.9 Billion People are just the amount of People Living in China and Bangladesh, but just combined

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china has 1.4 billion, bangladesh has 170 million. How does that add up to 3.9 billion??

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prague compare China with all South East Asian countries, parts of India, and Bangladesh

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India and China as a whole barely has more than 3 billion people. That seems very unrealistic for the whole.

Given such a powerful country has been united since at least 1912 (actual end of the Qing Dynasty), their demographic transition would have ended sooner than in the actual timeline and it is thus impossible to have such a massive population in this area, because it would necessarily mean that this China couldn't continue to have a demographic growth.



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